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Salesforce.com Certified Advanced Administrator (WI15)

Im Vergleich zu den beiden Consultants Zertifizierungen war die Advanced Admin ein Spaziergang!
Allerdings ganz ohne Vorbereitung schafft man die Prüfung auch nicht.

Hier sind einige Fragen/Antworten aus der aktuellen Prüfung.

1. Capabilities of collaborative forecasting?
- Rename categories
- Forecast using opportunity splits
- Overlay Quota
- Add categories
- Select a default forecast currency setting

2. We have four Sales Regions. Each of the region's VPs wants to have a dashboard emailed every Monday.
- Create a separate dashboard for each VP
- Create one dashboard using Visualforce
- Create one dashboard that includes a filter for each region
- Create a reporting snapshot

3. User is trying to access content in a library, but receiving an insufficent privileges message.
How to troubleshoot?
- has the user's profile the CRM content permission enabled
- user has been granted permission "Viewer" to the library
- user's record has the CRM content permisson enabled
- user has been granted viewer permission to content

4. Considerations when moving approval process using change set.
- Approval and rejection actions are not included in the source
- Custom fields on standard objects must be added  in the target
- the name of approval process can not be changed after deploying in the target
- change set does not include the order of active approval processes

5. User is trying to submit a vacation request for approval. It could not be submitted.
- Use workflow to email if process falls
- Do approval steps have associated actions?
- review system log
- Does user have an active manager?

6. Social accounts and contact to enrich Salesforce data
- users can use own Facebook logins to import information of their friends
- admin can login into Linkedin in order to import education info
- admin can use company's Facebook login to allow all users to see all public info of contacts
- users ca use their Twitter logins to display tweets

7. How to ensure that article manager use specified values for custom article fields?
- validation rule on article
- field as Required on page layout
- use field dependencies an article types
- create different article types for different requirements

8. Only sales department users must have access to price books
- clone all custom price books from standard price book
- manually share
- set OWD for price book to Use
- create a sharing rule

9. Admin would like to know which delegated admins are customizing org. Where to find the info?
- Setup audit trail
- Login history
- Debug log
- Delegated admin log

10. Consideration when cloning a product?
- price book entries must to be activated
- price book entries in price books that user does not have access to will be created
- price book entries are not created in standard price book
-  price book entries in price books that user does not have access to will not be created

11. Consideration when setting up CRM Content
- the size of files must be determined by the library
- implement approval process to review all product-related content
- content type determines which fields to show on page layout
- use validation rule to ensure a description is required for content

12. "insufficient privileges" when Sales Manager is viewing a contact. Contact owner is under the manager and "grant access using hierarchies" is checked. Why not able to see contact?

13. What permission are needed to set up entitlements, including milestones, entitlement process?
- Manage milestones
- Manage entitlements
- Customize application
- Customize entitlements

14. Customizable and collaborative forecasts. Which value rolls up to manager for both forecasts.
- product quantity
- opp amount
- expected revenue
- quota amount

15. Enable customers to submit support requests.
- Live Agent chat button on company's website
- Case feeds on company's website
- Service Cloud Console on company's website
- Chatter Answers in the customers community

16. What object-level permission is needed for users who are creating leads and must use "Find Duplicates" button
- Delete
- Merge
- Read and Edit
- View all

17. Sales Manager does not have edit access to opportunity object. He wants to edit opps owned by his team.
- change OWD to public Read/write
- Enable team selling on opp object
- enable "grant access using hierarchies" for corresponding roles
- create a permission set

18. Ability to report on how long leads have status "Open" and additionally change status with fiewer clicks
- use workflow to send email when status is changed and approval process to update status
- use formula to calc time difference between status changes through inline field editing
- turn on field history tracking and create report
- use publisher action and workflow to update a date field

19. Sales manager wants to have a dashboard showing each of his team user's accounts, opps, cases.
- dashboard with filter for users, opps, accounts, cases
- dynamic dashboard with filters for accounts, opps and cases
- individual dashboard for each user with accounts, opps, cases
- dynamic dashboard with option "View my team's Dashboard"

20. What is possible with territory management and territory hierarchy but not with standard
- grand access to records regardless of ownership
- multiple forecasts for users
- visibility into direct reports records for management
- access to related records based on account sharing

21. Lookup relation. What option can be set, when deleting a record.
- delete the related record
- clear the lookup field
- prompt to enter another record for relationship
- do not allow deletion
- notify the record owner

Es gab ein paar Fragen in Bezug auf Reports. z.B.:
Report containing Accounts and Closed/Won Opportunities of last year:
- joined report
- tabular report
- custom report type
- summary report


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